For Immediate Release

January 18th, 2018


Toronto Region, Mississauga Shortlisted for Amazon HQ2: Mayor Crombie


The following is a statement by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie following today’s announcement that Amazon has chosen the Toronto Region, including Mississauga, to move to the next phase of the process for the company’s new second headquarters – HQ2:


“This is great news and confirms what we already know: Mississauga and the Toronto Region are great places to invest and do business. We are the only international destination on the shortlist.


“We are very excited and encouraged that Mississauga and the Toronto Region have been shortlisted as part of Amazon’s desire to open the company’s new second headquarters – HQ2. Professionals from Mississauga’s Economic Development Office have worked closely with Toronto Global to align Mississauga’s value proposition with the anticipated $5-billion US investment, projected to create up to 50,000 high-paying jobs. Through Toronto Global, Mississauga will continue to work with Amazon to move ahead with our business case to attract this transformational investment to the Toronto Region – which will provide economic benefits to communities throughout the Toronto Region.


“Mississauga’s thriving, growing and transit-oriented downtown provides global-business giant, Amazon, the opportunity to invest, expand and remain ahead of the competition on nearly 180 acres of potential lands located within our mixed-use downtown core.


“As the Toronto Global submission highlights, Mississauga’s premier site is adjacent to the Square One Shopping Centre, a major regional retail and commercial destination hub, along with Mississauga City Hall; Central Library – Mississauga’s largest public library; the Living Arts Centre; Mississauga Art Gallery; Sheridan College and the College’s Pilon School of Business; Celebration Square; along with multiple restaurants and amenities. The University of Toronto Mississauga – part of Canada’s largest university – is also linked to the downtown through east-west bus services.


“The submission further highlights how Mississauga’s City Centre (downtown) office district has 3 million square feet within the larger 36 million square foot Metro West marketplace, and can readily accommodate Amazon’s 500,000 square foot requirement and provides an opportunity to develop a campus similar to the Seattle layout. Mississauga’s downtown site has immediate proximity to the City Transit Hub that provides direct access to GO Transit rail and bus services, along with light rail and bus rapid transit stops, a regional bus station, and local bus services.


“Our downtown core will be home to four new light rail transit stops (LRT) as part of the 20 kilometer Hurontario LRT. Construction on the LRT is projected to be underway in 2018.


“In March, our partners in the provincial government made important upgrades to the Square One Bus Terminal that will improve commuter travel for workers, students, visitors and residents who rely on the second busiest terminal in the GO Bus network.


“Mississauga’s submission to secure new job-creating investments, like Amazon, reflects Council and staff’s ongoing planning, commitment and vision guided by our Downtown21 Plan – a blueprint that is already transforming our downtown into a leading destination where companies can confidently do business and where their employees will enjoy an unrivalled quality of life.


“Access to a diverse, large and educated workforce is an important part of Amazon’s consideration for choosing a city to be home to its HQ2. Over 66% of our Mississauga’s workforce population has a post-secondary education. We have a young and ambitious population, which exceeds both the national and provincial averages. Mississauga is one hour from 21 different universities and colleges and there are 38,000 international students within 60 minutes of our city.


“Mississauga’s value proposition speaks for itself. We are open for business.”



Click here for the complete Toronto Global submission: