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June 6th, 2017

Statement: Unleashing the Potential of Mississauga’s Lakeview Waterfront Community

The following statement was made by Mayor Bonnie Crombie during today’s announcement that the provincial government and the Ontario Power Generation have begun the process to sell one of the largest underdeveloped waterfront properties under single ownership within the Greater Toronto area.  The 177 acre Lakeview lands are located on the shore of Lake Ontario in Mississauga.  In 2016, OPG was directed by the province of Ontario to sell the Lakeview lands and to ensure that 67 acres are to be transferred to the City of Mississauga by the successful purchaser as condition of the sale.

“Good afternoon, everyone. On behalf of the City of Mississauga and Members of Council, let me say how excited we are to once again be joined by Minister Sousa and our partners in the provincial government for yet another historic city-building announcement.

“I would like to also recognize the active, engaged, and thoughtful south Mississauga ratepayers and residents; and all those who have been actively involved in the future planning of the Lakeview lands.

“I consider all of you members of Jim Tovey’s extended family.

“Finally, let me acknowledge the tremendous staff from the City of Mississauga for your year-round professionalism – and behind the scenes work – to reshape the future of south Mississauga.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day. That’s because the Romans didn’t have Jim Tovey.

“It’s truly remarkable how far the Inspiration Lakeview Plan has travelled in such a modest amount of time.

“Before Jim was a Councillor, he was a concerned citizen.

“Jim’s genuine vision – coupled with an infectious enthusiasm that never slows down – to transform the Lakeview community into a place where people can enjoy unrivalled quality of life embodies the very best of public service.

“Shortly after becoming mayor in 2015, City Manager Janice Baker and I attended a pre-budget consultation at the Living Arts Centre hosted by Minister Sousa.

“It would be the first of many meetings.

“During that same pre-budget consultation meeting, we discussed Council’s vision to move forward with the Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan.

“Lakeview’s promising future has always been a consistent priority in our pre-budget submissions to the provincial government.

“Today’s announcement that Ontario Power Generation has begun the process that will lead to the transformation of the 177 acres Lakeview lands…is proof that the priorities of Ontario’s third-largest-city are the priorities of the Ontario government.

“The Lakeview community is nestled in Minister Sousa’s Mississauga-Lakeshore constituency.

“And Minister, we know you understand that the Lakeview neighbourhood has an untapped potential to be transformed into a community that is the envy of the world.

“In May 2015, we gathered at the Mississauga Art Gallery as Minister Sousa announced the provincial government will invest $450,000 toward the revitalization of the Lakeview lands.

“Last September we were together once again to mark the ground making of the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project…a plan to create a beautiful and naturalized conservation area that will transform the Lakeview neighbourhood into a hub for passive waterfront recreation, a hotspot for wildlife migration and a green oasis.

“Today’s announcement is further proof Mississauga’s next forty years will not look like the last forty.

“We are building a livable, walkable city…fully connected by public transit and accessible to quality public services…home to mixed-use residential and commercial developments…healthy, clean and both green and creative spaces…and neighbourhoods embody Mississauga’s forward-looking values as an inviting, inclusive and engaging place people choose to be in…while at the same time safeguard and respect local history…like the Small Arms Inspection Building and our plans to transform this historic site into a hub for education, industry and creativity.

“Our urban renaissance is building a bridge from our past, as an edge city…and into the future, as a leading edge city.

“Effective urban planning is our responsibility and our legacy to future generations.

“It’s how Council will be judged. The decisions we make today will affect our future in a profound way.

“I think we’ve made the right decision on this site! I am proud to work with such a committed Council of professionals who have the best interests of this city and its residents at heart. Residents should be proud of their Council.

“We have undertaken a series of comprehensive studies and community consultations, like Inspiration Lakeview…these community gatherings serve as important forums for residents and business to share their intimate and local knowledge.

“Together, we have produced a dynamic vision for this property.

“Once again, thank you to the residents who have engaged throughout the process in shaping the future of their community and this project. Thank you to Minister Sousa for your commitment to this community and for the work you’ve done to make today possible.

“Thank you to City staff who’ve worked tirelessly on this project for many years, always with an eye to creating the blueprint and vision for a world-class community on our waterfront.

“This is the culmination of a long journey. And, last, but not least, thank you Jim Tovey for your extraordinary work and vision to make today a reality.

“So much of the credit for today goes to you – your tenacity, commitment and passion for the waterfront and your community is unparalleled. I’m honoured to be with you today for this exciting announcement. Together, we’re envisioning a bright new future, for Lakeview and all of Mississauga.”