For Immediate Release

September 21st, 2015

 Mayor Crombie’s Statement on the Meadowvale Islamic Centre Proposal


Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie made the following statement following the Mississauga Planning and Development Committee meeting wherein the proposal for the Meadowvale Islamic Centre was approved:

 “Tonight I joined Members of Council and voted in favour of the proposal by the Meadowvale Islamic Centre (MIC) for the construction of a new mosque on Winston Churchill Boulevard.

“Like every other development application that is submitted to the City of Mississauga for consideration, proposals for the construction of places of worship and cultural centres are subject to careful review by our staff in the City’s Planning and Building department. The proposal by the Meadowvale Islamic Centre was no different.

“Our staff are experienced professionals who provide recommendations based on the principles of good planning as set out in the Planning Act and other pieces of legislation that determine how we develop land in Ontario. Council must then take the information and recommendations provided by City staff and make our decisions based on the facts before us.

“This proposal met all of the City’s planning requirements, including zoning and parking requirements and addressed traffic concerns. It was also consistent with the policies of our Official Plan for where places of religious assembly are to be located.

“All residents must have confidence in their municipal government that applications will be reviewed and adjudicated fairly and without bias.

“With this in mind, I joined Members of Council and voted in support of the proposed Meadowvale Islamic Centre development.

“We are extremely proud to have such a diverse City and we welcome the idea of individuals, of all faiths, having places to worship and celebrate as a community right here in Mississauga.”