For Immediate Release

January 15, 2015

Statement on Mississauga’s Light Rail Transit Plan

 Following recent media reports, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie issued the following statement to highlight the status of the City of Mississauga’s work to secure funding to construct the Hurontario-Main LRT:

“Mississauga has always been upfront with Metrolinx about the funding required for the LRT, and we have never been told otherwise that we would not receive funding for our LRT.

“Council has had ongoing discussions about the need for funding for a number of years – this is nothing new.

“The Eglinton Crosstown is an example of a fully funded transit plan. The Scarborough LRT was to be fully funded before the plan was scrapped.

“Our intention is simply that Mississauga deserves its fair share of funding too.

“Metrolinx identified the Mississauga LRT as a leading rapid transit priority for investment and we have one of the strongest business cases to get this done.

“Mississauga is committed to this project and we have already invested nearly $15 million with Brampton and Metrolinx toward building the LRT.  Our population is growing. We are planning new intensified developments, and the LRT will help us achieve this.

“The LRT will reduce traffic gridlock. It will create jobs and generate economic development. It will elevate the quality of life for residents, and perhaps most importantly, it will unleash the potential of our Downtown core.

“But like most Ontario municipalities, we are limited by what we can fund through the property tax base. We must secure funding elsewhere.

“I am carrying on Mayor McCallion’s work to champion the LRT. I met with Finance Minister Sousa in December. Later this month, I will again make the case for the LRT with Minister Sousa at a pre-budget consultation. I am meeting with Premier Wynne soon and this will be a priority for our discussions. I have pressed our case with local MPs and MPPs on this matter.

“As Canada’s sixth largest city, I believe that when all governments partner to advance Mississauga’s priorities, all of Ontario and Canada are better positioned for success.”

For more information about the LRT, and the progress we have made together as a community, please click on the following links: