For Immediate Release

April 6th, 2016

Statement on Mississauga’s Future in Peel Region: Mayor Crombie

The following is a statement by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie following City Council’s decision to undertake a study to determine whether Mississauga should leave the Region of Peel and become a single-tier municipality:

“We are currently undertaking a review of the governance of the Region of Peel and I think it is important that Council and the residents of Mississauga understand what Regional governance means for them and whether a change would mean a better deal for Mississauga.

“An independent study will provide us with clarity and all of the facts needed to make an informed decision about our place in the Region of Peel.

“Mississauga is Ontario’s 3rd largest City with a population approaching 800,000. We think it is critically important that we control our own destiny and that we are able to make decisions that are in the best interests of Mississauga residents.

“A lot has changed since 1974, and this conversation is long overdue. We need to do what works for Mississauga and ensure our residents get a fair deal. As the largest tax base in Peel Region, our taxpayers’ hard-earned money must go toward their needs.

“We look forward to seeing the results of this study and to speaking further with residents about their vision for the future of Mississauga.”