STATEMENT: Mayor Crombie Responds to the Ontario Government’s Introduction of the Better Municipal Government Act

November 16, 2022

I want to thank Premier Ford and Minister Clark for listening to our concerns and taking concrete steps to allow local governments to better deliver on priorities and services for residents and businesses.

I am confident that this assessment will determine its time for Mississauga to gain independence from the Region of Peel by establishing us as a single-tier city.

I have long advocated for independence alongside City Council, and before me, former Mayor McCallion. I want to thank Premier Ford and Minister Clark for listening to our calls along with our local MPPs who I know will continue to keep independence at the top of the provincial agenda.

In a few decades, as Ontario’s third largest city, Mississauga will be home to over one million people. As an innovative city that is a hub for jobs and growth, we are capable of making our own decisions and standing on our own two feet.

Independence would provide greater fairness for Mississauga taxpayers, create a single point of contact for public-facing services and help cut red tape for residents and businesses.

It would also help us better plan for future growth, by increasing the diversity of housing options, to support the province’s goal of building 120,000 new homes in Mississauga, as well as the transit and critical infrastructure needed to support it.

While this assessment is welcomed news for Mississauga, I understand there are still many unknowns and questions that will be answered through this process.

As your Mayor, I look forward to working with the province, and its facilitator, to provide the leadership and stability needed throughout this process.

I look forward to this new chapter in our city’s history.

Bonnie Crombie

Mayor of Mississauga