For Immediate Release

October 25, 2019

“After a year of waiting for the results of the province’s regional governance review, I’m extremely disappointed that the province has decided to maintain the status quo on regional governance.

While this is not the outcome Mississauga had hoped for, we accept the province’s decision and will continue to work with our colleagues in Brampton and Caledon, and staff at the Region to ensure good government continues for the residents of Peel and Mississauga.

The province has been clear that local communities need to decide what’s best for them in terms of governance, decision-making and service delivery. Despite today’s announcement, there are still some significant underlying issues at the Region of Peel.

They are the same now as they were 15 years ago when Hazel McCallion and her Council asked to separate from the Region.

Over the last year, study after study has shown that Mississauga is not getting a fair deal from the Region – the governance and financial model is broken.

Representation by population does not work, as Caledon Councillors still have a vote worth 4 times that of a Mississauga Regional Councillor; Mississauga is still sending $84 million more per year to the Region than we are receiving back in services; and there is still a great deal of duplication between the Region and the City that needs to be addressed.

Now that this review has concluded, it is my hope that our regional colleagues in Brampton and Caledon will work with us to address these issues. I would hope they would understand the real concerns of Mississauga Councillors and residents and ensure every resident and taxpayer in Peel Region gets a fair deal. Our work is not done.

We must work together to advance the priorities of each member of the Region of Peel. Mississauga residents and tax payers must be treated fairly.

As the 6th largest City in Canada, and 3rd largest in Ontario, Mississauga deserves to have a strong voice and have the ability to make decisions on behalf of our residents without the interference of other municipalities.”

-Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of Mississauga


Media Contact:

Nicole McInerney