For Immediate Release

January 27, 2017

Statement: Mayor Crombie Responds to Gas Tax Funding Increase

“I welcome today’s announcement that the Provincial Government will double the gas tax funding that goes to municipalities.

“Mississauga can now expect approximately $33 million in gas tax funding. These are important and necessary funds that Council will use to invest to break gridlock, build transit and move people and our economy forward.

“I have repeatedly said road tolls are not the solution. Each month Mississauga residents already spend hundreds of dollars on tolls to take the 407 ETR to get to work, school and travel throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

“Municipalities and the Province need to take urgent action and have an honest debate about how to fund transit with revenue tools that ensure permanent, dedicated and long-term funding.

“Toronto has revenue tools to pay for transit that Mississauga and other cities do not have. There must be an equal playing field if we are going to build a 21st century transit system throughout the GTHA.

“Mississauga, like all Ontario municipalities, is heavily reliant on property taxes as a source of revenue.

“We have long recognized the need for additional revenue sources to deliver quality services but we must be equally committed to keep property taxes affordable.

“In December 2015, Mississauga Council made a submission to then Municipal Affairs Minister, Ted McMeekin, as part of the Municipal Act, 2001, Five-Year Provincial Review.

“Council’s recommendations called for financial tools to invest in local priorities including building infrastructure, expanding public transit and improving the quality of life for residents.

“As part of our submission, Mississauga City Council passed a motion regarding extending tax authority to municipalities, including the authority to collect sales taxes and receive a share of income tax revenues.”

“Mississauga remains committed to working with our partners in the provincial government to secure new and ongoing investments that will allow us to fund the quality services residents’ value and rely on every day, including an extensive and reliable public-transit network.”