For Immediate Release
July 14, 2023

“I am deeply disappointed to learn of an anti-Pride rally planned for Saturday, July 15th in the vicinity of City Hall.

As your Mayor, I strongly believe in the principles of inclusivity, acceptance, and equality and strongly denounce this rally. I want to make it clear that I stand firmly against any actions or events that seek to promote discrimination or undermine the rights and dignity of our 2SLGBTQI+community.

I have been in contact with Peel Regional Police and the City of Mississauga’s security personnel to raise my concerns over this protest. As Celebration Square is a public space, we cannot stop the event from proceeding unless the group finds themselves in violation of the law. Police, in collaboration with City security will be present at the Square during the rally to ensure the peace and security of all present. Any violations or instances of hate language will be promptly reported and investigated by the appropriate authorities.

I urge all those involved to prioritize peace, respect, and constructive dialogue, avoiding any confrontations that may escalate tensions. The best way you can stand up against discrimination and bigotry is to not engage or give it attention that it doesn’t deserve.

As your Mayor, I will continue to speak out against all forms of discrimination and unequivocally reject any actions that seek to undermine the rights and well-being of our 2SLGBTQI+ community. Our city prides itself on its diversity, as it is the source of our strength and vitality. We embrace and celebrate people of all genders, colours, religions, and ethnicities.

To our City’s 2SLGBTQI+ community, please remember that you will always have my full support. Together, we will continue to foster an inclusive and welcoming city that values the inherent worth of every individual. ”

-Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of Mississauga