For Immediate Release
January 11, 2021

 GTHA Mayors and Chairs support additional public health measures, demand action on sick pay, and urge commitment on Safe Restart 2.0 funding

“Today, Mayors and Chairs from the 11 largest municipal governments across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area held their regular weekly meeting to discuss the ongoing response to the COVID-19 resurgence across the region.

The Mayors and Chairs discussed the concerning escalation of the virus in the region and agreed to work together and with the province and health officials to implement any further measures mandated to stop the spread of COVID-19, save lives and protect our hospitals. They urged the Province to implement any such additional measures as soon as possible to address the concerning rise in cases and impacts on hospital capacity.

The Mayors and Chairs are satisfied with the reported decision of the provincial government not to implement a curfew as part of the additional measures. They look forward to working with the province to empower citizens to adopt even greater personal responsibility to defeat the virus working within the anticipated tighter restrictions.

The Mayors and Chairs reiterated their clear goal of doing everything they can to help vaccinate residents as quickly as possible. To that end they urge both federal and provincial governments to ensure a timely and equitable supply of vaccine across the GTHA.

The Mayors and Chairs repeated their insistence that the federal and Ontario governments sort out who should backstop workers who lose their pay cheque when they test positive for COVID-19. This continuing failure to backstop these workers is causing them not to get tested and in some cases to go to work sick for fear of not being able to support their families.

During today’s meeting, the Mayors and Chairs also discussed the need for the federal and provincial governments to at least formally commence discussions on 2021 funding for municipalities. Cities have been on the frontlines managing and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in increased costs for crucial services and lost revenues from things such as reduced transit ridership. The GTHA Mayors and Chairs are urging the other levels of government to make a commitment to cities and provide them vital funding through a Safe Restart Agreement 2.0.

The GTHA Mayors and Chairs welcome the funding provided for 2020 pandemic costs but recognize the need for further financial commitments. With the imminent rollout of a broader immunization plan, and the continued relief necessary for businesses and residents, municipalities are expecting to have increased service demands throughout 2021.

A renewed financial commitment to municipalities will also protect against large tax increases or large service cuts and protect capital budgets which mean jobs and economic activity.”