For Immediate Release
January 1st, 2017

Statement by Mayor Crombie: Mississauga Welcomes 2017

“On behalf of the City of Mississauga and Members of Council, we would like to wish all residents a Happy New Year!

“As we reflect on 2016, I am proud of what Council, staff and the community have all accomplished, working together, as we preside over this exciting and transformative urban renaissance that is flourishing throughout Mississauga.

“And as we all look toward the promise of 2017, we know there’s more important work ahead of us to help Mississauga realize its potential as a world-class city to live, start a business, earn an education and enjoy an unrivalled quality of life.

“Each New Year is filled with the promise of hope. The weeks and months ahead are an opportunity to pursue long-held resolutions and to achieve and exceed the goals we set for ourselves.

“2017 is a very special and celebrated year. Mississauga will join communities from throughout Canada to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation, an important milestone all Canadians can be proud of. Together, we will mark the founding of our respected, peaceful and leading nation.

“As we reflect on our country’s history, and look toward the future, Mississauga encompasses the very best of Canada. Our neighbourhoods have grown from farm fields and fruit trees into a vibrant, prosperous and thriving place so many Canadians continue to choose for a better, more promising life.

“While we usher in this New Year, let us not forget those in our community in need of additional care and support. Unfortunately, the need remains high all year at our community food banks. Local charities always welcome donations so they may continue providing essential services.

“Once again, on behalf of the Members of Council, we offer our best wishes for a very happy, safe, memorable and prosperous 2017.”