Peel Regional Labour Council International Women’s Day Remarks

The following remarks were delivered by Mayor Crombie during International Women’s Day celebrations hosted by the Peel Regional Labour Council and the Canadian Labour Congress.

“Good morning, everyone.

“On behalf of the great City of Mississauga and Members of Council, I would like to thank the Peel Regional Labour Council and the Canadian Labour Congress for the opportunity to address this year’s International Women’s Day event.

“Let me also extend my appreciation to Julie Rocchese First Vice President of Peel Regional Labour Council and Chair of the International Women’s Day event Committee, for helping to organize another successful gathering.

“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to remember, reflect on, and recognize the tremendous leadership demonstrated by generations of women who fought to secure the right to vote; equal rights in the workplace; and across-the-board equality and respect in society.

“Today, we are gathering to celebrate sisters sharing hope, vision and solidarity.

“As a mother; a daughter; and with a young daughter of my own, these are strong words with real and significant meaning.

“For centuries, Canada’s labour movement has been a bedrock of support for women’s rights in communities like Mississauga and those across our country.

“To celebrate International Women’s Day is to celebrate Canada’s unions.

“I have always taken such great pride in the number of remarkable women who have leadership roles at Mississauga City Hall.

“The privilege I have to serve as mayor of Canada’s sixth largest city was made possible because of trailblazers like the Famous Five, who during the 20th Century fought so women could be recognized as full fledge citizens and take leading roles in government and the development of public policy.

“Today, I have the privilege to serve alongside five women on City Council.

“Janice Baker, our Chief Administrative Officer, lead’s Mississauga’s municipal corporation.

“And of course, my successor – Hurricane Hazel McCallion – remains an inspiration to all women serving in local government, and public office, everywhere.

“Mississauga is living proof that women continue to make important, lasting and positive inroads in society.

“Each year, International Women’s Day has a theme. This year’s theme is Make it Happen. This is a call to action.

“I am reminded of what former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

“Each and every one of us – including the men – has a responsibility to mentor; support; inspire; and build the character and confidence of young women to help ensure their dreams become a reality.

“It would be a wrong to do anything less.

“As I said, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on, and celebrate the achievements of women everywhere.

“It is also an opportunity to look toward the future, and the next generation of budding young female leaders who will transform their communities and our country for the better.

“I look forward to supporting them and to watch as their success and contributions unfold.

“Thank you, and enjoy today’s festivities of hope and solidarity.”