For Immediate Release

March 22, 2017

Mississauga Priorities Reflected in Federal Budget 2017: Mayor Crombie

Finance Minister Bill Morneau and the Trudeau government have brought forward a blueprint plan that puts city-building issues at the heart of the federal government’s national agenda for Canada, Mayor Bonnie Crombie said.

“The priorities of Mississauga, Canada’s sixth-largest city, are reflected in the Trudeau government’s budget,” Mayor Crombie said.

Mayor Crombie welcomed the Trudeau government’s ongoing commitment of $20.1 billion over 11 years to fund public transit. “We need significant investments like this in local and regionally-integrated rapid transit to connect Mississauga to the GTA and beyond,” Mayor Crombie said, highlighting the City’s ongoing efforts to push for all-day two-way GO Train service with the Missing Link plan.

“I look forward to receiving more details on the federal share for public transit, as well as how much the provincial government will be contributing to build transit. All three levels have to be at the table in a meaningful way.”

Mayor Crombie applauded the government’s announcement that it will allocate $400 million for a new Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative, adding that on May 3 the Mayor’s Office will host its third annual First Look – angel investor networking event.

“The government’s commitment to fund $950 million to unleash the potential of superclusters in advanced manufacturing and health/bio-sciences, in particular, is an opportunity for Mississauga to explore ways to build on its new Life Sciences Cluster Strategy. Mississauga’s priority sectors are well-aligned with the supercluster strategy.”

Last June Mayor Crombie called for federal government funding to support municipalities rebuild following natural disasters. Budget 2017 commits $2 billion for a Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund to support national, provincial and municipal infrastructure required to deal with the effects of a changing climate.

Mayor Crombie added that “as a waterfront community, Mississauga will benefit from Budget 2017’s proposal to provide up to $70.5 million over five years, starting in 2017–18, to Environment and Climate Change Canada to protect Canada’s freshwater resources, including in the Great Lakes.”

“We welcome the government’s commitment of $300 million for the Smart Cities Challenge. Mississauga continues to be a digital innovator to deliver quality public services. Technology and open data are helping to build a connected city. Residents are empowered. Ideas are being explored. New apps are being brainstormed, developed and launched for public use.

“Mississauga is partnering with Cisco to advance the connection of services such as the Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS), as well as undertake a proof of concept for District Wi-Fi – sensor-based technology that will improve service delivery and increase efficiencies.

Of note, Mayor Crombie highlighted the Trudeau government’s commitment to invest $11 billion for affordable housing, adding that, “this past week Council voted to move ahead with a plan that provides bold, innovative and practical strategies to give people more options for affordable, stable and safe housing here in Mississauga.” This plan calls for working closer with the federal government to provide multiple options for affordable home ownership assistance.

In advance of Budget 2017, Mississauga Council approved a pre-budget submission that was sent to Minister Morneau and Mississauga Members of Parliament (MP), Mayor Crombie said, adding that “I had the opportunity to raise our Council-approved issues directly with Prime Minister Trudeau during his unprecedented visit to Mississauga in February 2017.”

“Mississauga’s pre-budget submission calls for federal funding to build regionally-integrated transit, modern infrastructure and affordable housing, and our ongoing commitment to build a complete city with an unrivalled quality of life.”

“We’re building a complete City in Mississauga. The key elements of a complete city are our ability to move people, house people, and provide services to people. This budget will help us fulfill these critical elements and recognizes that City building is nation building.”

Mayor Crombie concluded “this year marks the 150th anniversary of Canada’s founding. I have always said that Canada’s municipalities are the cornerstone of Confederation and this budget ensures that we will continue to shape our nation’s promising future.”