For Immediate Release

February 25th, 2016

Mississauga, Peel Council Drive Affordable Transit Program Phase Two

Peel Council, Brampton – I am proud to have worked alongside Mississauga and all Peel Councillors to help drive forward Phase Two of an Affordable Transit Program – a plan that will support and benefit our most vulnerable residents in Mississauga, Mayor Bonnie Crombie said today.

The Affordable Transportation Pilot Program is a partnership between MiWay – Mississauga’s public transit system – and the Region of Peel. Peel Council unanimously endorsed Phase Two of the pilot program, following a presentation that highlighted the successful results of the Phase One program, which ran from September 2014 to August 2015.

Mississauga Council has been committed to the initiative since 2012. For Budget 2016, Mississauga Council allocated an additional $900,000 towards an expanded pilot program. Council also voted to offer a discounted $1 seniors’ transit fare.

Phase One was based on a one-third funding model where the recipient, the Region of Peel, and the City of Mississauga all contributed equally to $120 per month loaded on a PRESTO card. 232 Ontario Works clients participated.

“Affordable, accessible and quality public transit is about making connections,” Mayor Crombie said. “Whether it’s connecting commuters to workplaces, older adults to recreation centres, students to campuses, or families to parks, affordable public transit brings residents together and brings out the best in people,” Mayor Crombie added.

Results of those surveyed found that 84% of Phase One program participants reported using public transit to visit employment services up to 3 times a week, whereas 85% reported visiting medical services up to 3 times a week. Nearly 60% reported using public transit to visit educational services up to 3 times a week.

Phase One results found that the social return on investment (SROI) showed a $6 return on investment for every dollar invested.

Phase Two, which is estimated to cost $1,400,000, ($1,000,000 from the City and $400,000 from the Region) will run from April to September 2016. The results of the Phase Two pilot will be reported to Mississauga, Regional Council and the other area municipalities. The results will be used to inform the 2017 budget process. The City of Brampton also voted to initiate its own pilot program, modeled after the Mississauga program

Mayor Crombie said “the Affordable Transportation Pilot Project is a leading example of a Mississauga-based solution that is helping to elevate the quality of life for residents in need of extra care and support” adding that she plans to discuss the Pilot Project with her Homelessness and Advisory Board members to gain additional feedback.

Mayor Crombie concluded “We can and must do more until every resident in our community has an equal opportunity to succeed and prosper.”