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April 11, 2019


“As the Mayor of the City of Mississauga, I am pleased the Ontario government has made the decision to make investments in key municipal priorities such as transit, a review of regional governance, affordable housing, public safety, health care and mental health, as well as a renewed relationship with municipalities.

In particular, Mississauga is focused on the following:

Transit: This budget reaffirms commitment to investing in public transit, including the full funding of the Hurontario Light Rail Transit, connecting Mississauga and Brampton. I am pleased the Ontario government has made regional transit in the GTA a priority and I encourage them to continue to their investments, including additional projects in Mississauga and the 905.

Highways: The government remains committed to expanding Highway 401 from the Credit River to Highway 25 in Milton. This will reduce congestion and hopefully get people moving more quickly through Mississauga and beyond.

Gas Tax: The Budget also reaffirms the Ontario Government’s commitment to maintain the Provincial Gas Tax going forward. In Mississauga in 2019, this represents approximately $17 million in funding that will be invested directly into our transit system. This is much needed funding our City relies upon each year and I encourage the government to maintain, if not increase this funding in years to come.

Regional Governance Review: As I have said, I am pleased that the Ontario Government is undertaking a review of regional government across the province. Mississauga has consistently said that a review of the regional government model in Peel is needed. Mississauga believes that as an independent, single-tier city, we would be able to deliver programs and services more efficiently and effectively than they currently are under the two-tier system.

Affordable Housing: The Ontario government has made affordable housing a priority through the Housing Supply Action Plan. The Plan will bring more affordable housing to the market place, including $4 billion in investments to social housing. Mississauga has a middle income affordable housing strategy and I look forward to working with the government to deliver these funds to important projects.

Modernizing Relationship with Municipalities: The government has committed to reducing the municipal reporting burden and to modernizing the relationship with municipalities. As the most regulated level of government, this is welcome news and will hopefully reduce red tape and costs for Mississauga and other cities. Mississauga has always been a lean and efficient city, committed to finding savings and reducing costs.

Health Care: While not a city responsibility, the physical and mental health of our residents is paramount. I am pleased to see continued investments in health care, including 15,000 long-term care beds and upgrading existing beds, as well as investments in mental health services.

Community Safety: Mississauga has long advocated for increased funding to increase community safety and combat guns and gangs. The $16.4 million to create a province-wide community safety strategy is welcome news. As a member of the Peel Police Services Board, I will work with the province to ensure that Mississauga and Peel Region are part of this strategy.


I look forward to working with the Ontario government in the coming months as they roll out many of the provisions in today’s Budget.”