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March 30th, 2015

Mayor Crombie’s Community Living Tribute Dinner Keynote

Thursday March 26th, 2015, marked the 31st Annual Community Living Tribute Dinner, held at the Mississauga Convention Centre, in honour of Mayor Bonnie Crombie. More than $1.6 million dollars has been raised since the first Tribute Dinner over 30 years ago. And this most recent Tribute Dinner raised over $200,000 – a record setting amount. Funds generated from this event benefit Community Living Mississauga’s summer programs for children and teens. The following is Mayor Crombie’s key note address:

“Good evening, everyone.

“I am truly humbled by the tremendous support, love, and energy radiating throughout this room.

“I want to begin my remarks by paying tribute to everyone involved who has made this a memorable evening.

“Let me begin by acknowledging the incredible 2015 Honorary Tribute Dinner Committee. I would also like to acknowledge Community Living Mississauga Committee Members.

“I would like to single out Mohamad Fakih and Gil Moore for their continued support and friendship, and for the generous words each gentlemen shared tonight.

“I would like to further recognize our talented performing artists who entertained us throughout the evening:

  • The Bulgarian folk ensemble Dimitrovche;
  • Tony Gouveia and the Hernani Raposo Trio;
  • The Radosc-Joy Vocal-Dance Ensemble, of St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish;
  • The Canadian Dance Company;
  • Shiamak Davar;

“And finally, a very special thanks to Cliff Silviera, Anne Boyd, and the entire staff from the Mississauga Convention Centre for another evening of memorable food, service, and hospitality.

“A year ago this very same week, I took the next step in my commitment to the people of Mississauga, and registered to run for mayor.

“My husband Brian; my children Alex, Jonathan and Natasha; and my mother, Veronica; were right by my side; as they have always been throughout all of my campaigns.

“They’re all here tonight.

“I can always count on my family’s unwavering support and unabashed advice – sometimes it’s even solicited!

“The whirlwind experience as a candidate for public office – and the 24/7 schedule that comes with serving as mayor of Canada’s sixth largest city – have been nothing short of a rewarding, and enriching experience.

“Former mayor McCallion can attest to that truth.

“Each day I meet with remarkable individuals; people of all ages; of different cultures and faiths.

“But despite any differences, what I have come to realize is that there is a common thread intertwined in the fabric of their lives.

“It’s an unbreakable thread that binds our community together. And it can be best captured in one word: compassion.

“Community Living Mississauga; its dedicated volunteers; tireless staff; and the committed leadership shown by the Board of Directors, all embody Mississauga’s genuine compassion.

“Let us not be mistaken. Tonight’s dinner isn’t about me.

“Tonight is a celebration of every person who has given their time, talent and treasure to fulfilling the mission of Community Living Mississauga.

“And what better, more compassionate mission can there be, than to be there for people facing intellectual challenges; to provide support and guidance to help young children, and adults realize their God-given talents; nurture their creativity; mentor and befriend lasting relationships; and pursue their own genuine passions.

“This year marks the 60th Anniversary of Community Living Mississauga.

“I think we might have found the one body that has been in the business of community service, longer than Hazel McCallion!

“But let’s pause for a moment and try to comprehend all the lives that have been touched; all the hearts that have been healed; all the opportunities embraced; all the dreams realized over the last sixty years; and all because of the volunteers and staff of Community Living Mississauga.

“Today, this one organization alone carries out a mission in support of 2,300 individuals and their families.

“More than $1.6 million dollars has been raised since the first Tribute Dinner over 30 years ago.

“Funds generated from the Tribute Dinner benefit Community Living Mississauga’s summer programs for children and teens.

“Because of the generosity of tonight’s donors – all of you in this room – local youth will make new friendships; cherish new memories; and be given opportunities that they otherwise would not have had.

“Earlier I spoke about the common thread of compassion that binds Mississauga together.

“Sixty years is a remarkable achievement; and it’s quite possible that the needle and thread that have woven together Mississauga’s unrivalled quality of life started with the vision that led to Community Living Mississauga.

“Ladies and gentleman; friends and family; once again, thank you for this tremendous honour.

“This is a night I will never forget.

“Thank you again to Community Living Mississauga for choosing me for your 2015 Tribute Dinner.

“Enjoy the rest of your evening.”