For Immediate Release

September 9th, 2015

Mayor Crombie Takes Action on the Syrian Migrant Crisis

 The following is a statement by Mayor Crombie on what she and the City of Mississauga will be doing to address the Syrian Migrant Crisis:

 “Last week I joined with Mayors from across the country in calling on the federal government to accept as many refugees as possible and asking citizens to donate to charities that are helping migrants:

“Today at General Committee, I asked my fellow Councillors to join me in doing more, including:

  1. Formally asking the Corporate Communications Department to post on the City of Mississauga’s website, links to the Red Cross (, the United Nations Refugee Agency (, and Lifeline Syria-Toronto ( to allow residents to easily donate to these groups;
  1. Requesting that the Corporate Communications department put in place a protocol that would be activated following a global crisis. This protocol would lead to the immediate posting of relevant information and links on the City of Mississauga website so that our residents have access to the latest information and ways in which they can best support; and
  1. Facilitating a meeting among community leaders to explore opportunities to provide assistance, including generation of additional aid, support for the local families of Syrian migrants and support for the refugees that decide to settle in Mississauga.

“The Syrian migrant crisis is a human tragedy that deserves our attention and action. Mississauga has always been welcoming to refugees and our doors are always open. It is my hope that we can do our part to assist in this crisis and help those in need.”