For Immediate Release

January 20th, 2016

Mayor Crombie Statement on SmartTrack Progress

Today, during a meeting of Mississauga Council, Mayor Crombie asked staff to provide ongoing updates to Council about Mayor Tory’s SmartTrack higher-order transit plan, and what this plan means for Mississauga. The following is a statement by Mayor Crombie about SmartTrack:

“It is important for Mississauga Councillors to thoroughly debate the updated SmartTrack plan, and how it will help our City’s efforts to build-regionally integrated transit.

“Mayor Tory’s plan has always called for a station to be located at Mississauga’s Airport Corporate Centre, home to globally respected businesses, and over 34,536 employees.

“Yesterday’s announcement signals that Mayor Tory is willing to find solutions to ensure transit connects across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga’s Airport Corporate Centre and Pearson International Airport, two of the largest employment hubs.

“The SmartTrack plan now calls for connecting Toronto’s Mount Dennis neighbourhood, to Mississauga’s Airport Corporate Centre and Pearson International Airport, using light rail.

“In Mississauga, we know the benefits of light rail. Working with the Wynne government, we are moving forward with the Hurontario LRT, which will become the north-south spine of a regionally-integrated transit system.

“Strengthening public transit between Mississauga and Toronto will open a world of possibilities, new economic development, and greater access to jobs and talent for our cities and our region.”