For Immediate Release

February 3, 2017

Mayor Crombie Statement: Launch of Toronto Global

Toronto Global is an arms-length not-for-profit corporation representing municipalities in the Toronto Region dedicated to generating economic development opportunities. The following is a statement by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie at the official launch of Toronto Global today:

“Good morning, everyone.

“Today’s launch of Toronto Global was made possible because all governments came together, worked together and are committed to unleashing the economic potential of the Toronto Region’s area municipalities.

“As a former Member of Parliament, and now as mayor of Canada’s sixth largest city, I know foreign-direct investment cannot be the sole responsibility of the federal or provincial governments.

“There is strength in numbers.

“Working with Toronto Global, municipalities will take on a bigger leadership role to build up the Toronto Region as a world-class destination for job creators to invest, innovate and remain ahead of the competition.

“Local government does not have the same powers as our provincial and federal counterparts.

“We cannot offer tax incentives or sign treaties. Like entrepreneurs, we must think outside the box. So, how do we do this? My answer has been clear.

“We build on existing assets; strengthen professional networks; bring people together and promote our communities.

“Toronto Global will extend our local reach into distant markets.

“The team of professionals from Toronto Global will work with municipal economic development staff to help international businesses understand domestic rules and regulations and apply for provincial and federal incentive programs.

“Toronto Global is an unprecedented partnership with the Toronto Region’s area municipalities and the provincial and federal governments.

“Toronto Global is a win for government and industry.

“The federal or provincial governments cannot be expected to know complete details about each Canadian city. Municipalities are the subject experts.

“We know how many acres have been zoned for commercial development and whether land has the infrastructure in place to get investment flowing, shovels in the ground and construction underway.

“We plan to accommodate future population and employment growth.

“We know how many railways, highways, airports and harbours there are and where these economic gateways can take your business.

“Foreign-direct investments also add to the local tax base.

“This provides important funding that goes toward the quality public services we all rely on like accessible public transit, modern community centres, clean parks and an inviting waterfront.

“The Toronto Region is blessed with diversity. Our cultural connections can lead to economic opportunity.

“A community’s quality of life is essential to generating economic development.

“When a company chooses the Toronto Region to do business they’re not just looking for a new home for their business but also a home for their employees.

“People want welcoming neighbourhoods, leading schools, modern healthcare, places of worship and a place they can proudly call home. This is the Toronto Region.

“Toronto Global will help municipalities press ahead with international business attraction and investment efforts.

“With active and leading participation from local governments in Toronto Global, municipalities will generate new investment opportunities that will strengthen local economies.”


About Toronto Global:

Toronto Global is an arms-length not-for-profit corporation representing municipalities in the Toronto Region. Its mandate is to market the entire region to international investors by promoting the Toronto Region’s diversity of services, sectors and industries, diverse and innovative workforce and strong and stable economy to attract FDI from targeted industries around the world. Toronto Global’s work will build upon the federal and provincial government’s commitment to growing Canada’s innovation and knowledge-based economies by driving targeted, region-wide economic growth to generate quality skills, jobs and opportunities for Canadians. For more information, visit: