For Immediate Release

November 24th, 2016

Mayor Crombie Responds to Gardiner and Don Valley Parkway Toll Proposal

“I support the building of regionally-integrated transit and transportation networks through dedicated funding. Mayor Tory has many tools at his disposal to raise revenues that other cities do not have. He has chosen to implement road tolls that will not only affect residents in his city, but those in the 905 as well.

“It’s important that Mayor Tory understand the ramifications of his actions on business and tourism. However, as Toronto owns the Gardiner and DVP, he is free to impose these tolls without input from his neighbours in the 905.

“I would caution him though that he must ensure that every penny of the money collected is reinvested into the repairs of the Gardiner and DVP, as well as into regionally-integrated transit projects that connect the 905 and the 416. Residents need to see that this money is not going into general revenue, but directly into projects that address the dire problem of gridlock and congestion. People simply want to be able to move more quickly and easily around the GTA and any money that is collected must make this happen.”