Mayor Crombie joins Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault for the unveiling of Alectra.

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January 16th, 2017

Mayor Crombie Remarks: Alectra Unveiling

Mayor Crombie delivered the following remarks during the brand unveiling of Alectra – a new utility company that will serve Mississauga residents, businesses and 14 other communities.

“Good morning, everyone. Let me welcome Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault here to Ontario’s third largest city, home to the corporate head office for Alectra.

“Let me acknowledge my mayoral colleagues with us today, along with Mississauga City Manager Janice Baker and Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras.

“I wish to also recognize Brian Bentz, Peter Gregg and Max Cananzi. These corporate leaders have extensive professional management experience. I am confident Alectra, and the ratepayers of Mississauga, are in very capable hands.

“The journey to form Alectra first began in April of 2015.

“I am pleased that Mississauga Council saw the benefits of the proposed merger. We were early adopters and were the first Council to endorse the proposal. This helped pave the way to success.

“For all of us involved in this effort, our mission has always been clear: work together to form a new utility company that will provide the residents and businesses of all 15 communities with cost savings, new efficiencies, improved customer service, along with safer, reliable and clean energy.

“The creation of Alectra will result in residential customers saving an average of $40 dollars per year on their energy bills, as merger efficiencies are achieved over the next 10 years.

“Mississauga is projected to receive $600 million in dividends over the next 25 years from Alectra. The funds will go toward our city-building priorities.

“My job as Mayor – representing almost 800,000 residents – is to protect Mississauga’s investment in Alectra.

“It is important that this new utility company remains accountable to Mississauga ratepayers; this why I am pleased to serve on the Alectra board.

“On behalf of Council, I will continue to demand this responsibility for our residents.

“In closing, today we all take another important step forward toward standing up for the residential and small business ratepayers of our communities.”