For Immediate Release

January 13, 2017

Mayor Crombie Marks Lohri 2017

“On behalf of the City of Mississauga and Members of Council, we offer our best wishes to the Punjabi community, on the joyous occasion of Lohri.

“Lohri is an historic, meaningful and much anticipated celebration in recognition of the winter solstice.

“Families, friends and neighbours, in communities throughout the world, will come together and join in traditional song, dance and festivities to mark Lohri.

“Lohri is also an opportunity to reflect on the importance of Mississauga’s relationship with India. Mississauga is home to over 54,000 Indian-Canadians.

“In Mississauga, diversity is one of our biggest strengths. We are blessed to be the destination of choice for so many people who are working to build a more promising future.

“Let me again offer my best wishes to all Mississauga families joining in on Lohri celebrations.”