For Immediate Release

October 16, 2017

Mayor Crombie Marks Launch of Innovation4D

The following is a statement by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie following the launch of Innovation4D – a new business incubator – at the Innovation Hub, located at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada in Mississauga:

“On behalf of the City of Mississauga and Members of Council, I would like to recognize the team of leading professionals from the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, the RIC Centre and GreenCentre Canada, who worked to launch the Innovation4D at the Innovation Hub.

“My colleagues Councillor Karen Ras continues to be an important champion of the Sheridan Research Park – home to Xerox Canada, the RIC Centre, and GreenCentre Canada.

“This research hub will be the future home of the National Research Council of Canada’s advanced manufacturing laboratory and the Canadian Campus for Advanced Materials Manufacturing.

“With the launch of Innovation4D, Mississauga continues to cement its reputation as the go to destination on the innovation corridor. Mississauga’s innovation ecosystem is healthy.

“Mississauga is proudly home to this cutting edge, world-class hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and economic opportunity, and its focus on helping advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and Cleantech companies reach higher and make important inroads into the competitive world of business.

“Mississauga has one of Canada’s most dynamic, thriving and competitive Cleantech and advanced manufacturing sectors. We have over 400 Cleantech companies, employing over 15,500 professionals. Our advanced manufacturing aerospace sector is Canada’s second largest cluster by employment, employing over 27,000 individuals at over 320 companies.

“Mississauga continues to enjoy a solid reputation where companies can invest, expand service offerings, recruit and hire skilled talent, and achieve unrivalled success.

“In Mississauga, we mean also business when it comes to supporting thought leaders, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises to develop concepts, secure capital investments and launch their next big ideas into the marketplace.

“In fact, 97% of all Mississauga businesses are small businesses. On October 25th, we will host a city-wide Mayor’s Small Business Forum 2017. All small business owners are invited and encouraged to share their ideas and solutions to help make local government work better for you.

“We also achieve this through the ongoing work of our Economic Development Office and with annual networking opportunities like First Look – Mississauga’s annual and much anticipated angel investor networking event.

“It was at First Look – where experts from GreenSky Capital – got their first look – at AOMS Technologies. First Look put AOMS on course to secure an investment of $925,000 in financing from GreenSky Capital. This funding is enabling the company to expand its sales and marketing efforts and improve product development. I am proud both of these businesses also have leading roles here at Innovation4D.

“Local government is in the business of making connections. Whether we are connecting entrepreneurs with angel investors; commuters to workplaces; seniors to community centres; students to campuses; or families to the waterfront; it is the job of your City to bring people together.

“Let me once again recognize the entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and everyone from the Xerox Research Centre of Canada’s Innovation Hub.

“We all look forward to seeing the ongoing success of leading businesses and transformative ideas that continue to emerge from here.”