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March 6th, 2015


Mayor Crombie Launches the Mississauga International Partnership Program

 The following are remarks by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie to formally launch the Mississauga International Partnership Program (MIPP) Committee at Pearson International Airport. MIPP will focus on creating new and existing connections with cultural business associations to help attract foreign direct investment, generate economic development opportunities, and improve the City’s international competitiveness.

“Thank you to Howard Eng; Hillary Marshall, and the entire team from the GTAA for hosting today’s launch of the Mississauga International Partnership Program.

“As Mayor, I am repeatedly asked: how the City of Mississauga can help generate new economic development opportunities.

“Local government does not have the same the powers as senior levels of government.

“We cannot offer tax cuts; tax credits; or sign treaties.

“Like entrepreneurs, local government must think outside the box.

“We need to brainstorm our own innovative solutions to build a 21st century economy for our city’s promising future.

“So how do we achieve this?

“My answer has been clear: we leverage existing assets; strengthen professional networks; invest in human capital; build knowledge infrastructure; and bring people together.

“The new Mississauga International Partnership Program Committee will leverage Mississauga’s international expertise, cultural diversity and networks to help our local economy reach its full potential.

“I campaigned on a plan to form an international advisory committee and I am proud to deliver on this today, as I hit my first 100 day milestone in office.

“Growing Mississauga’s connections to markets will lead to local business opportunities, in this increasingly interconnected world.

“The Committee will identify strategies and set goals to elevate Mississauga’s globally renowned reputation as a leading destination for entrepreneurs and established businesses to invest; develop and test new marketable concepts; expand service offerings; create local jobs; and achieve unrivalled success.

“Strengthening connections with global communities will better prepare us to welcome international delegations of incoming trade missions to Mississauga.

“I have already met with the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce; the Mississauga Chinese Business Association; and just last week I met one-on-one with China’s new Consul General.

“If we are competing on a global stage against other jurisdictions, we must be proactive to attract the businesses and industries we want.

“And as Honorary Chair of the MIPP, I will proactively engage international delegations to see for themselves all Mississauga has to offer.

“We are here at the arrival gates of Pearson International Airport – Canada’s largest airport.

“Each day a wealth of human capital; economic opportunity; and investment potential, flows from the doors directly behind me and right into our community.

“It is absolutely critical that we seize upon every investment opportunity; position ourselves to compete effectively in the global market place; and create new employment opportunities for residents.

“Mississauga is home to 63 Fortune 500 companies; almost 60,000 businesses; and 1,400 multinational firms.

“Our economy is strong with a GDP that now exceeds $40 billion annually.

“We are a net importer of jobs – yes, more people come to work in Mississauga daily than leave.

“Entrepreneurs and established businesses choose Mississauga to reach higher. And Pearson is our gateway to the world.

“So why do job creators come to us to do business?

“Mississauga has competitive advantages that would help any private sector businesses remain ahead of the competition.

“We are Canada’s sixth largest city with a population of 750,000 people.

“We are strategically located in the golden horseshoe area, west of Toronto and 90 minutes from the US border – linked entirely by six major highways and three rail lines.

“Mississauga is home to a highly-educated workforce that speaks over 200 languages.

“We are a dynamic, diverse and vibrant city; 56% of our residents were born abroad.

“Our diversity, our talent, and the connections and the skill-sets residents possess are our economic strength moving forward.

“We have the potential to reach markets that other cities can only dream about.

“Outside of English, our top five spoken languages are: Chinese; Urdu; Punjabi; Polish; and Arabic.

“In a survey, 78% of CEOs worldwide said finding talent is their number one challenge.

“Here’s what I say to those CEOs: let Mississauga help you overcome these challenges.

“Job creators choose Mississauga because of our highly educated workforce.

  • Over 26,000 residents earned trade certificates and diplomas.
  • 22% of our workforce has been educated in engineering and architecture-related skills.
  • Over 66% of Mississauga’s workforce has a post-secondary education.
  • Residents have an average of 8-10 years of professional experience.
  • There are 38,000 international students within 60 minutes.

“We are home to modern knowledge infrastructure like Sheridan College’s Business School and the University of Toronto at Mississauga, with its newly opened Innovation Complex.

“The City of Mississauga invested $10 million to make the Innovation Complex a reality.

“UTM and Sheridan are the nucleus for ideas, innovation, and excellence.

“Each year, these leading post-secondary institutions graduate the next generation of talent, and adds to our already exceptional local workforce.

“Our commitment to finding savings, showing discipline with taxpayers’ money, and strategically investing to help our city grow, has also ensured Mississauga maintains its Triple-A credit rating.

“This means Mississauga enjoys a strong financial reputation.

“It gives businesses and entrepreneurs – from across Canada and around the world – the confidence that Mississauga is a safe, reliable partner for business.

“We have accomplished lots in our 41 years.

“And through MIPP, we will further leverage our diversity and global connections to access new markets to grow Mississauga’s international reach.

“So once again, I am pleased to formally announce the launch of the Mississauga International Partnership Program Committee. And I look forward to working alongside members from MIPP to write the next chapter of our City’s promising future.”