For Immediate Release

July 19th, 2017

Mayor Crombie Discusses Manufacturing, Economic Development Opportunities

We are proud that NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada continues to choose Mississauga to invest, expand service offerings and deliver quality services and products, Mayor Bonnie Crombie said during a town hall discussion with employees and corporate leaders at NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada.

“NTN is a leading example of a long standing Japanese manufacturer in Mississauga that continues to introduce new innovative products to Canada,” Mayor Crombie said, adding that “Mississauga is home to nearly 100 Japanese-based companies – more than any other community in Canada.”

Mayor Crombie met with NTN President & CEO Paul Meo and Vice President Seiji Shimamoto. She congratulated all employees on the 100th anniversary of NTN’s founding, which will be marked later this year, calling it a “tremendous milestone achieved in the competitive world of global business.”

Mayor Crombie once again spoke about the importance of the advanced manufacturing industry, saying that “in Mississauga, we mean business when it comes to supporting our vast and globally competitive advanced manufacturing sector – home to over 1,760 firms employing over 81,000 people locally. Our industries range from: aerospace to automotive; from food and beverage to cleantech.”

Mayor Crombie thanked Paul Meo and NTN for participating in the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office’s (EDO) Building Skilled Talent Together Forum, held in May, which brought together public and private-sector leaders to develop strategies and solutions to address Mississauga’s skilled labour gap and the immediate and longer term employee needs of advanced manufacturing companies.

“The advancement of cutting-edge technology through Industry 4.0 has fundamentally shifted the manufacturing landscape globally,” Mayor Crombie said. “These evolving global trends are directly impacting local employment patterns and opportunities,” Mayor Crombie added.

“The need for highly-skilled and specialized technical labour to develop, operate and maintain these advanced machines and processes is now more pronounced. While local manufacturing firms have voiced their ambitions to expand locally, the technical skilled labour gap is a pressing challenge impacting our firms.”

As part of EDO’s ongoing efforts to support advanced manufacturing, the Mayor’s Office recently partnered with Japanese-based MHI Canada Aerospace to promote the company’s Structural Airplane Apprentice Program – an opportunity for young people to gain in-demand skills, advanced training and a full-time job.

Mayor Crombie also recognized “NTN for being an active, engaged and committed corporate citizen” because of the company’s efforts to sponsor the Japan Festival 2017 – Canada’s biggest Japanese festival – to be held at Celebration Square from August 26-27.

Mayor Crombie concluded by saying “Mississauga’s Economic Development Office will continue to work with advanced manufacturing businesses to find opportunities to grow business, better understand Canadian rules and regulations, and inform companies about opportunities for government investment.”