Mayor Crombie, Councillor Jim Tovey, City Manager Janice Baker and business partners, welcome the unveiling of a new mixed-use development in Mississauga’s Port Credit waterfront community.

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May 1st, 2017

Mayor Crombie, Council, Welcome Unveiling of New Waterfront Development

Today, Mayor Crombie joined Council, staff and representatives from West Village Partners (WVP) to unveil plans for a new 72-acre mixed-use development in Mississauga’s Port Credit waterfront community. The City of Mississauga undertook an extensive evaluation of the potential future of the site, with input from the community.  The City’s Inspiration Port Credit envisions: “A lakefront urban neighbourhood of landscapes, meeting places, living, working learning and drawing people to the water’s edge to play.” Members of WVP took part in the consultation process. The following remarks can be attributed to Mayor Crombie:

“Thank you, Councillor Tovey for that kind introduction. The people of Ward 1 are fortunate to have you represent them at City Hall. Under your leadership we are truly transforming Mississauga’s waterfront into a world-class destination.

“Let me also recognize our City Manager Janice Baker and all the staff who worked so tirelessly to get us to this game-changing announcement.

“Today is another important milestone for the historic and charming waterfront community of Port Credit and the former industrial lands site.

“We are unlocking another opportunity for people to fully appreciate and celebrate our sprawling twenty-two kilometer waterfront.

“The unveiling of the draft plan for this new development is proof that Mississauga is a city in demand.

Today is also further proof that Mississauga’s next forty years will not look like the last forty. We are building a complete city. What is a complete city?

“A complete city is one where professionals can find good-paying jobs or take risks and launch new business ventures; where a night on the town means staying in town; enjoying an acclaimed restaurant followed by a live performance at the Living Arts Centre; where the environment is protected and natural amenities like the waterfront, beaches and greenspaces encourage people to head outside and live healthy, active, lives; where students choose the University of Toronto Mississauga or Sheridan College as their first choice for undergraduate studies and graduate school; and should they decide to study elsewhere; they have access to reliable, affordable and seamless public transit that gets them to where they need to be.

“You shouldn’t have to plan your course schedule around a transit schedule. You should never turn down a job offer because public transit can’t get you there.

“A complete city is a place where all people, no matter faith or ethnicity are safe, have dignity and can confidently participate in civic life – where residents are welcomed, invited and encouraged to share and celebrate their culture for everyone to experience, appreciate and enjoy.

“Complete cities are home to livable, walkable neighbourhoods, plugged into an extensive regionally-integrated transit network.

“Transit is fundamental to the future of Port Credit, Mississauga and our city-building efforts.

“This new development is walking distance from the Port Credit GO Train Station – an important transit hub that also offers MiWay bus service and which will also have one of 22 new stops along our new Hurontario Light Rail Transit line – the north-south spine of Mississauga that stretches 22 kilometers from right here Port Credit into downtown Mississauga…heading north into Brampton.

Effective urban planning is our responsibility and our legacy to future generations. It’s how Council will be judged. The decisions we make today will affect our future in a profound way.  I am proud to work with such a committed Council and staff professionals who have the best interests of this city at heart.

“We have undertaken a series of comprehensive studies and community consultations – forums for residents and business to share their intimate and local knowledge.

“Together, we’re envisioning a bright new future, for Mississauga. Thank you.”