For Immediate Release

February 4th, 2015

Mayor Crombie Calls for Service and Program Review

 Mississauga – During today’s General Meeting of Council, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie secured unanimous support for the City of Mississauga to develop a proposal to review ways to improve the delivery of city-wide services and programs.

“Following the election I met one-on-one with all Members of Council to discuss ideas to improve program and service delivery” Crombie said. “There was a consensus that we need to take a hard look at services we deliver to get better value for taxpayers’ money,” Crombie added.

“No matter how lean a government or corporation may be, there are always ways to improve business and service delivery to reduce the burden on the bottom line and by extension, the people of Mississauga.”

Mayor Crombie’s motion specifically calls for City staff to develop a framework which would outline the costs associated for undertaking a new service review study; and to provide an implementation plan. Staff will bring a report and proposal back to Council for further debate.

“Make no mistake, Mississauga is well-run city,” Mayor Crombie said. “For Budget 2015, over $6 million in savings and greater efficiencies have been secured.  This is equivalent to reducing the City tax levy by 1.6 per cent,” Mayor Crombie added.

“We are finding these much needed improvements to keep services at acceptable levels, while continuing to provide new initiatives to ensure Mississauga is a leading destination to start a business, raise a family and achieve success.”

“I am confident that a similar independent review will help us find savings and more efficient ways of doing business,” Mayor Crombie concluded.