Between June 3 and 5 I joined with the 22 Mayors of Canada’s largest cities for the Big City Mayors’ Caucus (BCMC) of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). This caucus meets regularly to discuss issues of concern to Canada’s big cities, as well as work together to influence change at the federal and provincial levels.

In the lead-up to this year’s federal election in October, we have been especially active through our new campaign, #HometownProud. Our goal is to make the issues that affect cities – affordable housing, rapid transit, and infrastructure – federal issues. As Mayors, we know that investing in these areas is critical to the health of our national economy. Canadians understand the importance of these issues and it is our hope that we can make the next election about the priorities of Canada’s cities.

During the BCMC meetings, the leaders of the NDP, the Green Party and the Liberal Party came before the 22 mayors to talk about their plans for cities and how they would invest in our communities; specifically in infrastructure, affordable housing, and rapid transit. Each committed to predictable and sustainable funding, and to a renewed partnership with municipalities. It is my hope that whichever government is elected federally, the cities agenda will be one of their top priorities.

To that end, this year we went one step further and have publicly called for the leaders of the four main Canadian federal parties to join us for a leaders’ debate on the issues facing cities. You can sign the petition to encourage all leaders to participate in this debate, here:

I encourage all Mississauga residents to find out more about these important issues and to get involved in our campaign and spread the message. Visit for more information and to get involved – you’ll even see me on the front page!