Happy Chanukah

Chanukah is the ‘Festival of Lights’ and marks the ancient feast celebrating the rededication of the Temple and the miracle of the oil. For the Jewish community, Chanukah is an affirmation of Jewish identity, and represents a commitment to peace, unity and respect of all peoples.

As a Christian I celebrate Christmas and like Christmas, Chanukah is a wonderful time of year as it brings families and friends together to focus on the important role that faith plays in our daily lives.

The Chanukah menorah, symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, and the importance of faith in helping us overcome even the greatest of obstacles. It has come to symbolize religious freedom and is characteristic of our Canadian values of openness and acceptance of other faiths.

It is my hope that the timeless message of love and respect celebrated during Chanukah leads to greater understanding and respect between all communities. I am proud to live in a city where people of all faiths can live, work and worship peacefully and in harmony.

On behalf of my family and the City of Mississauga, I want to extend my best wishes during this Chanukah celebration and for health, happiness and prosperity.

Chag Chanukah Sameach