Canadian local governments do not have the same powers as other levels of government. We cannot offer tax cuts; tax credits; or sign treaties. Like entrepreneurs, we need to think outside the box. We need to come up with innovative solutions to build a 21st century economy for Mississauga’s promising future. So how do we do this? My answer has been clear: we leverage existing assets; strengthen professional networks; invest in human capital; build knowledge infrastructure; and most importantly, bring people together.

That is the mandate of tonight’s event – First Look – Mississauga’s first ever angel investor networking opportunity. It’s about connecting new business ventures with accomplished investors. One such venture participating is Xumee Inc.

Riyad Mobeen CEO & Founder of Xumee Inc recently said:  “As a new start-up founder, it’s tough to turn an idea into a business. With amazing support from the Mayor and angel investors, founders can make that transformation happen. At Xumee, we’re working tirelessly to ensure that young people everywhere have a place to showcase their unique personalities. Our goal is to change the way people and organizations engage with each other by making the application process fun, engaging, and easy. We’re putting the humanity back in HR.”

My hope is that new partnerships and opportunities will emerge from First Look, and that new economic development opportunities will take root here in Mississauga.