Over the last couple of months, the City of Mississauga has undertaken public questions periods, tele-town halls, and consultations with residents, community organizations and stakeholders. We encouraged resident input through the City’s website, Budget Committee meetings and communication with ward Councillors.

Through our online Budget Allocator, we received 1,134 submissions and 346 comments focused on property taxes, inefficiencies, transit, help for seniors, affordable housing, traffic management, and winter maintenance, most of which agreed with the proposed spend for 2018.

Almost 13,000 residents participated in our three telephone budget sessions (City-wide, Wards 2&6, Wards 3&4).

We held days of budget deliberations including Budget Committee in June and five public question periods on the Budget.

Other ways we engaged included meetings with community groups, schools outreach, advertising, social media, pop-up kiosks, and the City of Mississauga website, among others.

We heard from you loud and clear. What we have put together is a budget for 2018 that addresses your concerns and advances on our Strategic Plan to deliver service and value to the people who live, work, play and raise a family in Mississauga.

This past Wednesday, we approved the 2018 budget. You will find highlights from the 2018 budget below. Click here for the full document.

Highlights of the 2018 Business Plan and Budget:

  • The total increase in Mississauga’s residential property tax will be 2.74 per cent. The increase includes 1.58 per cent for City services and 1.16 per cent for the Region of Peel.
  • The City advances on its Strategic Plan in 2018 by adding approximately $2.8 million worth of new services, including:
    • continuing the MiWay service growth and adding 46,000 service hours;
    • increasing support to culture groups and local artists;
    • redeveloping the recently-acquired Small Arms Inspection Building;
    • hosting the Ontario 55+ Summer Games;
    • providing public education about the City’s Active Transportation options to encourage the use of cycling and walking infrastructure; and
    • improving the Library’s collection to support the City’s population growth.

Thank you to the residents of Mississauga for your passion and commitment to our City and for your ongoing engagement to build a more prosperous Mississauga. As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with my office if you have questions or concerns by emailing mayor@mississauga.ca or calling 905-896-5555.

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