For Immediate Release

September 25th, 2015

Crombie Presses to Suspend Street Checks in Peel Region

Brampton, ON – I was proud to join members of the Peel Police Services Board, including Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey; Amrik Singh Ahluwalia; and Norma Nicholson; to successfully pass a resolution recommending the suspension of street checks, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie said today following a meeting of the Peel Police Services Board.

Crombie moved the resolution to suspend street checks, which was seconded by Brampton Mayor Jeffrey.

“When I first called for the review of Street Checks, in June, I did so because I believed it was important that we have all the facts to undertake a thorough review and analysis of this practice, and to have a better understanding of its scope and scale,” Crombie said.

“Following the release of recent data, and the ongoing feedback I have received from the public, I believe there are serious issues about street checks that need to be addressed,” said Crombie, who also cited a recent report by the Ontario Ombudsman which described carding (street checks) as “wrong and illegal.”

“Today’s vote was a necessary step forward which will better allow us to properly address ongoing concerns and problems with this practice,” Crombie added.

During today’s Police Services Board meeting, Mayor Crombie also joined Board members to pass a number of new and important reforms to strengthen public confidence in the work Peel Police do, including establishing new best practices for the use and public disclosure of data collected by Peel Police.

Crombie added “I want to commend Chief Jennifer Evans for committing to holding additional public meetings in Mississauga and Brampton, which will allow us to better engage the public about Street Checks, and to hear ideas and solutions from residents on how to keep our neighbourhoods safe.

Crombie concluded “Let me reiterate how important it is that we provide our front line police officers with the tools they need to do their jobs, but at the same time we must protect the rights and freedoms of all residents, despite race, religion or ethnicity.”