Contact Details

Mayor Bonnie Crombie
Office of the Mayor
City of Mississauga

    • 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C1
    • P: (905) 896-5555
    • F: (905) 896-5879

Invite the Mayor to a Meeting or Special Event

To invite the Mayor to a meeting or special event, please send in your request by e-mail, letter or fax. Please allow 7 working days to process and respond to your request. The Mayor’s Office will contact you to inform you of the Mayor’s attendance.

Please have your invitation include the following information:

  • nature of the Mayor’s involvement
  • event details
  • event location
  • start and finish time of the event
  • contact name
  • contact phone number
Gifts Sent to Mayor Crombie

Mayor Crombie is truly grateful to the generous families and individuals who wish to send the Mayor gifts, items, and other tokens of appreciation. However, the Mayor’s Office abides by a number of provincial statutes and corporate policies, including but not limited to:

  • Municipal Act, 2001;
  • Municipal Conflict of Interest Act;
  • Municipal Elections Act, 1996;
  • Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;
  • Criminal Code of Canada;
  • City of Mississauga Code of Conduct;
  • Councillor Information Statement for Gifts and Benefits Over $500.00;

Therefore, we respectfully request that no gifts, in any form or of any value, be sent to Mayor Crombie. Instead, Mayor Crombie believes that these goodwill gestures would be better directed toward supporting local Mississauga charities and other community causes.