For Immediate Release

July 16th, 2017

Congratulations Athletes, Teams of 2017 Special Olympics Provincial Summer Games: Mayor Crombie

The following is a statement by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie to mark the close of the 2017 Special Olympics Provincial Summer Games:

“On behalf of the City of Mississauga and Members of Council, we want to recognize and congratulate the accomplished athletes and teams who competed for the gold during the celebrated and much anticipated 2017 Special Olympics Provincial Summer Games.

“Let me acknowledge Chief Jennifer Evans and Peel Regional Police for dedicating countless hours, energy and effort to ensuring that the games would be a complete success, and for helping bring our community together through sport.

“I also want to recognize the coaches, families, friends and neighbours for going above and beyond to help inspire, mentor and train those athletes who took part during these games. The hard work, commitment, discipline and respect that goes into being a renowned athlete, are important skillsets that apply in all aspects of life.

“Investing in local athletes is at the heart of city-building and Council and staff are proud that so many of our city facilities were used as venues for athletes to take part in spirited competition throughout the games.

“We approach our efforts through the lens of supporting our local sport community. We invest in community and recreational centres.  We ensure parks are built with in-demand athletic facilities. And we partner with other governments to secure funding to make these important investments.

“Council genuinely believes that citizens walk into our community and recreation centres; step on to our baseball diamonds, soccer fields and into our arenas; swim in our public pools; and that these experiences help budding athletes realize their dreams of competing professionally.

“Sport also transcends language and culture.  It is a unifying force for good. This is especially true in such a diverse and welcoming community like Mississauga.

“Congratulations once again to everyone who competed in the 2017 Special Olympics Provincial Summer Games. Mississauga is proud of you and we will always cheer you on!”