Yesterday night I was humbled and privileged to be honoured during the 31st Annual Community Living Tribute Dinner, held at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

More than $1.6 million dollars has been raised since the first Tribute Dinner over 30 years ago. And last night’s dinner raised over $200,000 – a record setting amount.

Funds generated from the Tribute Dinner benefit Community Living Mississauga’s summer programs for children and teens.

This year marked the 60th Anniversary of Community Living Mississauga. I like to think we might have found the one body that has been in the business of community service, longer than Hazel McCallion!

60 years is a remarkable milestone. It’s almost hard to comprehend all the lives that have been touched; all the hearts that have been healed; all the opportunities embraced; all the dreams realized over the last sixty years; and all because of the volunteers and staff of Community Living Mississauga.

Today, Community Living Mississauga carries out a mission in support of 2,300 individuals and their families. It’s a tremendous organization, and I am proud to support its mission in support of our community.