There is no better time than the summer season to get some exercise, explore your community, and enjoy Mississauga’s great outdoors and our outdoor activities.

Whether you run, walk, rollerblade or cycle, our City has it all. Mississauga has more than 480 parks, 295km of trails, and woodlands just waiting to be discovered.

Lakeside Park, located in southern Mississauga, is a pristine 25 acre park that overlooks Lake Ontario. It’s a thriving community hub with a spray pad, playground, leash free zone – and so much more. There is something for residents of all ages to enjoy!

Lakeside Park, along with many of our other waterfront parks, is connected by the Waterfront Trail. Here you’ll find timeless buildings including the historical Adamson Estate Park and beautiful flora gardens. The winding and extensive Waterfront Trail will lead you to Jack Darling Memorial Park, home to popular picnic sites and local beaches. Soak up the sun on the shores of Lake Ontario!

Head north into our city core and you will step into Kariya Park – a Japanese inspired park for those seeking a peace and tranquility. The park honours Mississauga’s twin-city relationship with Kariya, Japan. 2016 marks the 35th anniversary of this important and lasting relationship. It is a legacy to future generations, and will mature with age like its array of rhododendrons, pine, and gingko and sweetgum trees. Kariya Park remains a peaceful and serene haven from the bustle of city life as Mississauga grows and thrives around it.

Erindale Park, situated beside the Credit River, is Mississauga’s largest park. This area of the Credit River supports runs of Rainbow and Brown Trout, Chinook, Coho and Atlantic Salmon. This park is a popular destination for fishing, canoeing and offers spectacular views of the Credit River and tall ravines. Erindale Park is inviting to bird watchers, photographers and anyone who enjoys getting back to nature.

Visit Celebration Square Wednesday nights throughout the summer for Fresh Air Fitness. The City’s best instructors have crafted a season filled with your favourite muscle-pumping, high-energy classes, and added some new ones we know you’ll love. No registration or fee is required.

In Mississauga we nurture athleticism with public spaces fully equipped for residents to play a variety of different sports.

Tryout Mississauga’s new beach volleyball courts at Lakefront Promenade Park – a community legacy piece left to us from the Ontario Summer Games happening August 11 to 14, 2016. Right by the water, these beach volley courts offer residents a scenic place to spike, volley and set with sand under their feet.

BraeBen Golf Course is also offering FlingGolf. This new sport provides players with a nine-hole experience similar to the game of golf with a lacrosse, baseball and hockey twist. FlingGolf follows the same rules as a normal golf game but instead of golf clubs, players use a FlingGolf stick to throw a golf ball around a regulation-sized golf course. Players then use the FlingGolf stick to putt into a hole. The objective is to sink a golf ball into the hole in as few shots as possible.

This summer I encourage you to enjoy all the outdoor fun available to residents and visitors here in Mississauga.