Yesterday was another day full of meetings with prospective companies looking at the GTA and Mississauga as a marketplace to invest.

The day began with a meeting with one of the largest industrialized wood panel and metal fittings company. They understand that the GTA is an inviting location to settle to access not only the Canadian marketplace, but also the wider United States Market. The GTA is second only to Tokyo in the number of cranes that are in the air as development continues at a significant pace. This is illustrated by the over 5 million square feet of office space in the GTA that is under construction or planned. There is a great deal of potential for growth and investment for companies that work in this sector and it is our goal to assist this company with its expansion plans.

Following a productive morning session, we met with one of the top cured meats companies in Brazil, who are looking for a foothold in the North American market. With a significant Portuguese community in Mississauga and the GTA, there is significant opportunity for this company to expand their operations.

In the afternoon we met with four companies, three of which were in the digital media and IT sector. Mississauga alone is home to over 50,000 employees working in the creative and knowledge sectors. We are also the 4th largest Information and Communications & Technology sector in Canada and as part of the GTA, we are part of the 2nd largest cluster for mobile application development in North America. Needless to say, Mississauga and the GTA is an attractive destination for global digital media companies to locate and expand their operations.

Of note, we met with ABRAT, a Brazilian nation-wide not-for-profit association concerned with the professionalization and qualification of computer services and support companies.


With Mr. Celso Luiz Simoes and members of his digital media association, ABRAT, as well as members of our GTMA delegation.

With Mr. Celso Luiz Simoes and members of his digital media association, ABRAT, as well as members of our GTMA delegation.

The response to the opportunities in the GTA and in Mississauga was positive and we will continue discussions with ABRAT to meet the needs of their associate companies to help them expand their business and find new investment opportunities in the GTA.

Finally, we had the distinct pleasure to meet with Canada’s Consul General in Brazil, Stephane Larue. He has done a great deal of work to promote Canada’s business interests in Brazil and expand our reach. I hope to continue to work with Stephane to grow our presence in Brazil and raise awareness in this country about the benefits of expanding operations in Mississauga and the wider GTA.