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February 2nd, 2015


66th India Republic Day Remarks by Mayor Crombie

 The following are remarks by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie commemorating India Republic Day hosted by Panorama India:

“On behalf of the City of Mississauga and Members of Council, I would like to recognize the committed volunteers and leadership from Panorama India – for organizing this tremendous event in celebration of India’s Republic Day.

“Thank you for opening your doors and inviting people – of all cultures and creeds – to celebrate this remarkable milestone in India’s rich history.

“I also want recognize the important work Panorama India does year round.

“This non-profit-organization has a dedicated mission to break down barriers and build bridges with other communities and individuals. In doing so, you are informing and educating all of us about India’s cultures and traditions and fostering a better understanding and appreciation between Indian and Canadian communities.

“This year marks a notable anniversary of when India’s constitution became enshrined into law.

“It is also when the people of India took a fundamental step forward, toward charting their own future and aspirations as a sovereign republic.

“This remains an important occasion for the world’s largest democracy – a democracy that continues to flourish.

“During the 2014 national Indian elections, the resiliency of the values embodied in India’s constitution were on display.

“And the world was watching.

“Nearly 67% of Indian people exercised their democratic rights and voted to shape their country’s destiny.

“Apparently, this was the highest voter turnout on record. This is a badge of honour the people of India should proudly wear.

“Today, Canada and India enjoy a strong relationship that thrives in communities across our province and our nation.

“We stand shoulder-to-shoulder as global economic leaders. India’s GDP is over $1.8 trillion dollars, and will grow at an average of 5% by 2020.

“India’s economy presents an exciting opportunity for Mississauga-based businesses to sell goods and services to a rapidly growing market of consumers.

“Our cultural synergies invite Indian business to invest, expand service offerings, grow operations and create jobs here in Mississauga.

“Indian and Canada have a trade relationship valued at well over $5 billion dollars. Mississauga is doing its part as an important gateway to facilitate stronger trade relations and greater economic development.

“The strength of the Canadian-Indian bond is especially evident in Mississauga.

“Whether first or second generation, Mississauga is home to a dynamic population of residents of Indian heritage.

“My City’s active, engaged and vibrant Indian community has made important and lasting contributions to Mississauga as entrepreneurs and job creators; artists; athletes; volunteers and elected officials serving in all three levels of government.

“I wish to further commend of our local Indo-Canadian community who are so committed to enriching residents about our shared values right here at home; and who are dedicated to strengthening ties between Mississauga and Indian through economic development and foreign-direct investment opportunities; the exchange of ideas; and the sharing of cultures, especially during our Carassauga world showcase.

“Once again, let extend my sincere appreciation to Panorama India for hosting today’s event in recognition of Republic Day of India.

“Thank you!”