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January 15th, 2017

Mayor Crombie Speech: 2017 Mayor’s New Year’s Levee

Mayor Crombie delivered the following speech during the City of Mississauga 2017 Mayor’s New Year’s Levee held at City Hall:

“Good afternoon, everyone.

“We gather on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit…a Mississauga Objibwa First Nation with a history dating back centuries ago.

“On behalf of the City of Mississauga, Council and staff we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Welcome to City Hall, the heart of our local democracy.

“Each week here in Council Chambers…your elected representatives…the team of professional staff…and concerned citizens…come together to propose initiatives, debate ideas and work toward our common goal…to make Mississauga an even better place to raise a family…find a well-paying job…earn an education…and enjoy an unrivalled quality of life.

“Before we set our sights on 2017…I want to reflect on all that we have accomplished, working together, over the past twelve months.

“But let me begin by thanking the brave first-responders…city and region staff…residents…and community partners who all pulled together…to help the families impacted by the blast on Hickory Drive last June.

“Let me single out Fire Chief Tim Beckett and Police Chief Jennifer Evans for their steady leadership.

“Hickory shook our entire community.

“And Councillor Fonseca and all of Council remains committed to doing whatever we can to help those 33 houses become homes once again.

“In 2016, Council drove ahead with plans and investments to build public transit.

“The Mississauga Transitway continues to expand.

“Winston Churchill is our newest stop to open.

“And since the Transitway first started running two years ago…weekday ridership has grown by an astonishing 70 per cent!

“We are using best practices, implemented by other major cities and regional governments…as we work with Metrolinx to ensure the successful construction of the Hurontario LRT and our plans for an extensive public transit network.

“Council and senior staff undertook important site reviews of both the Minneapolis-St. Paul METRO and Waterloo Region transit systems.

“These transit systems were chosen for in-depth analysis because they offer important parallels for Mississauga’s own transit-building efforts.

“Building transit is good for our economy.

“For the thirteenth straight year Mississauga retains its Triple-A Credit Rating.

“This gives national and international businesses the confidence to choose Mississauga to invest, expand and compete.

“Our foreign-direct investment missions are working.

“Biolab – a Brazilian-based company – announced Mississauga will be home to its new research and development centre.

“This win is a direct result from our 2015 Investment Mission to South America.

“Biolab will be a state-of-the-art facility that will create high-paying and high-value jobs, many in research and development.

“This new investment will add to our tax base, providing important funding that will go toward the quality public services we all rely on…like community centres, libraries and parks.

“Yesterday, I returned from an investment mission to India led by the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce.

“This was a tremendous opportunity to speak with hundreds of investors from a number of key industry sectors.

“I shared with them Mississauga’s success story.

“There’s more work to be done but I will continue to pursue important business leads generated from our work in Indian.

“We made important inroads to help local youth secure employment through mentorship and networking opportunities…including the Mayor’s Inaugural Youth Speaker Series and the Mayor’s Youth Employment Expo.

“These are annual events and we will host them again this year.

“We engaged youth by inviting them to participate in the Mississauga’s first-ever Code and The City Idea Jam, last March.

“During this day-long event, nearly 100 developers, designers, mappers and information analysts…gathered to share, discuss, network and collaborate about making the most out of open data.

“The ideas brainstormed will go toward improving the delivery of public services.

“Council and staff also undertook a series of studies and community consultations to shape the future of Mississauga’s many different neighbourhoods.

“I want to recognize Councillor Jim Tovey for his city-building leadership to usher in exciting new ways for people to embrace and appreciate the untapped potential of our sprawling waterfront.

“Last year also marked an important turning point for our downtown, with the Rogers Real Estate announcement of a $1.5 billion planned development in the heart of Mississauga.

“The vision is M City – a 10-tower, 15-acre, 4.3 million square foot community.

“It is to include over two-acres of public parkland and has been inspired by the City of Mississauga’s own Downtown21 Master Plan.

“M-City will be a few blocks from City Hall.

“It was stand as a testament to Mississauga’s plans and perseverance to follow through with building a livable, walkable, modern city.

“And I am proud to announce that for the second consecutive year the City of Mississauga has issued $1.3 billion in building permits.

“These numbers are further proof that Mississauga continues to be a city in demand…and a leading destination that people choose to build a more promising future…whether it’s buying or renovating a home to raise a family, or breaking ground on a new business investment that will improve our local economy and create new employment opportunities.

“These are all important milestones, shaping Mississauga’s exciting renaissance.

“As Mississauga continues to be a popular destination to live and work…Council supported a resolution brought forward by Councillor Parrish calling for a plan to mandate a minimum number of affordable housing units in future buildings, with a focus on the LRT corridor.

“For 2017 – and beyond – we simply cannot build a sense of community if people are being priced out and pushed out of Mississauga.

“Helping residents in need was the mission of the Mayor’s Citywide Food Drive.

“Many of you here took part in our city-wide #OneBagChallenge.

“Together, and we raised over $123,000 dollars and nearly 220,000 pounds of non-perishable foods…far exceeding our goals.

“I am equally proud of the work that was achieved by the Peel Police Services Board over the past two years.

“We brought about important changes like the elimination of street checks (carding).

“Our goal has always been to further elevate Peel Police’s reputation as a modern, effective and respected police force.

“I offer my best wishes to Councillor Sue McFadden in her role as the newest Board member.

“For Mississauga, we leave 2016 and forge ahead into 2017 with optimism, energy and enthusiasm.

“Each New Year is filled with the promise of hope.

“The weeks and months ahead are an opportunity to pursue long-held resolutions and to achieve and exceed the goals we set for ourselves.

“2017 is already a special and celebrated year.

“Mississauga will join communities from throughout Canada to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation, an important milestone all Canadians can be proud of.

“We will reflect on the founding of our respected, peaceful and leading nation.

“As we remember our country’s history, and look toward the future, Mississauga encompasses the very best of Canada.

“Our neighbourhoods have grown from farm fields and fruit trees into a vibrant, prosperous and thriving place so many Canadians continue to choose for a better, more promising life.

“Throughout 2017, there will be countless ways for you to show your pride and patriotism in being Canadian…and calling Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – home!

“We offer Neighbourhood Celebration Kits so you can plan to celebrate Canada 150 with neighbours, friends and loved ones right at home.

“Help create Mississauga’s Biggest Birthday Card!

“Sign one of the birthday card panels available at community centres, libraries and ward events.

“On Canada Day, joins us at Celebration Square for day-long festivities and as we assemble these panels to create one huge birthday card.

“Watch for more information in the weeks and months ahead.

“I have always that to be Canadian, is to be confident and compassionate. We encourage you to show your compassion by volunteering your time and talent as part of the Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge – a nation-wide call to cation.

“The goal is to have Canadians give 150 hours of volunteer time in 2017 in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

“Visit to find local volunteer opportunities and to do your part.

“In 2017, we find ourselves reflecting on our history and eagerly anticipating what the future holds.

“It is only fitting that the City of Mississauga’s motto reads: “Pride in our past, Faith in our future.”

“And it is the genuine appreciation, understanding and pride that we have in our past…which will give us the confidence to have faith in our future…and to overcome challenges before us.

“Yes, we will face challenges, but many exciting opportunities as well!

“Together, we will continue to make investments to ensure Mississauga remains of the best cities in the world for citizens to reach higher.

“Mississauga’s future is as bright as ever.

“On behalf of Council, let me once again offer my best wishes for a very happy, safe, memorable and prosperous New Year! Thank you.”